Easy Autumn Bouquet

For some reason, autumn is my favorite time to DIY. Perhaps it’s because fall decor can be displayed for the changing of seasons from the end of September, through Halloween, until after Thanksgiving. If you’re going to have decor out for two and a half months, you better love it! To me, nothing shows more love and dedication than making something by hand. Plus you can be as picky as you want with your decor and make it just perfect for your personal style. Either way, if you can my last post (DIY AUTUMNAL GARLAND) you will know that I recently visited the dollar store. While I was there I picked up a few excess pieces. Because, listen Linda, ain’t no better way to create lovely but cheap decor items than with junk treasure from the dollar store.

Here’s what I used:
> Two bunch burlap daisies (I chose the off-white colors)
> One bunch festive leaves (this bunch came with a cotton bud flower and other assorted long leaves, you could use anything to accent your bouquet, but I really liked this bunch)
> one package burlap rope
> glass vase or jar
> various sized pine cones (the thinner ones work best for this)
> hot glue gun and glue

Now are you ready for the easiest DIY eva?!

Step One: Glue the rope to the vase. Pipe a thin line of glue onto the glass and adhere the rope to the glue. Continue in a circular motion around the vase until you have used the entire rope or the vase is covered to your liking.

Step Two: Assemble your flower bunches to your preference. Once you have them looking nice, secure the bottoms with a tight rubber band to ensure they don’t shift as you place them in the vase.

Step Three: Pine Cone placement. Fill the bottom of the vase with pinecones, aligning them so they are vertical. Insert your bouquet of flowers. Add more pine cones to ensure the flowers do not fall over or shift when moving the bouquet.

And there you have it: a super simple festive bouquet!

Happy Crafting!
Lots of Love,


Dollar Store Autumnal Garland for $5

It’s officially fall! Is anyone else as excited as I am?! Pumpkin spice, crisp leaves and cozy blankets...SIGN ME UP!

As such, my autumnal enthusiasm led me to pull out my autumn decorations a full two weeks before summer ended. While I was decorating, I noticed I didn’t have a garland! Blasphemy!

Garland are multi-use decorating tools. They are great on mantle places, but also in tablescapes, over door frames and anywhere you’d like to add a little autumnal touch. Easy to store when not in use and practically unbreakable, garland pack a seasonal punch and don’t require any special care. Many craft stores like Hobby Lobby, Joann’s and Michaels often have stunning garland for sale. You can also usually find them in cozy vintage or craft shops. The issue with both of these retail options is that their garland often run upwards of $50! As you’re likely to use it every year, that may seem a reasonable price for some. But for a thrifty spender life myself? HARD PASS.

And so, children, what do we do when we don’t want to spend oodles of money? We DIY! Even better, every item I used was purchased at the dollar store! This garland can be personalized however you’d like with flowers, leaves, or other autumnal fares such as acorns and squash. For my garland I used:

> Two 5’ leaf garlands
> Two bunches autumnal flowers
(I had one bouquet of burlap sunflowers and one of orange daisies, but you could use the same type of flower)
> A package of small pumpkins with metal clips (each pack contains 3 pumpkin clips)

You’ll also need a hot glue gun and glue sticks. You may find scissors or wire cutters useful as well.

This first step is to intertwine the garlands. You’ll need to offset one a little bit. Essentially you want the leaves of one garland to fill the gaps between the leaves of the second garland. The garland from the dollar store aren’t particularly full so by using two garlands and intertwining them, we get a more luscious effect. At this point, you may decide to cut off the loops at the end of each garland.

Next, you’ll want to lay your garland out flat. Make sure the tops of both garlands are facing up; you want minimal stem showing. If you have a few stubborn leaves that won't face up, just cut them off. You can glue them back on where ever you need them most.

Decide how and where you’d like to attach your pumpkin clips. I spread them out evenly, but you could clump them together if you wanted. Attach the clips. This helps both garlands stay in place as you begin your gluing process.

Now, determine which parts of the garland are most sparse. This is where you’ll want to focus the most of your flowers and cut leaves. I popped the flowers tops off their stems and glued the bottom of the flower in between the stems of the garland. Make sure to allow the glue to set before moving on the next flower. If you rotate the garland before the glue has set, the flower won’t adhere properly to the stems.

Continue with the rest of the flowers and the cut leaves. Again, it is VERY important you determine which side of your garland is ‘up’ and adhere the items as such. The part of your garland what will be sitting on your mantle or against the wall does not need flowers. Also make sure to spread your flowers out evenly, don’t clump them all together in one spot, unless that’s the look you’re going for. Additionally, if you have different types of flowers, alternate them when gluing.

If you have additional bits such as acorns or pinecones, add them once all the leaves and flowers have been attached.

This garland looks beautiful intertwined with white fairy lights!

Pro tip: Make sure your glue gun is set to low heat. I discovered that high heat glue will literally melt the plastic stems!

I am so in love with my garland. I’m sure I will use it year after year.

Happy Crafting!
Lots of Love,


Break the Habit of Being Late

My sister's favorite way to tease me is to hassle me about my punctuality. For a long time, her jabs were well justified. I arrived late to everything! Try as I might to show up on time, luck was never in my favor. Eventually, I came to assume I was ‘just one of those people’. I was habitually late and there was nothing I could do about it. Until one day, I showed up late for work... except this was the second day in a row. My employer (who I really liked and is now a family friend) sat me down and respectfully, but sternly told me how my punctuality was extremely important. When I was late, I made her late. Without raising her voice or belittling me, she opened my eyes to my inconsiderate punctuality habits. From then on, I vowed to change my ways. I’d heard the typical “wake up earlier” advice countless times. However, I found the most significant difference came when I implemented these lesser-known strategies. And while I’m still late for certain things, I am confident that if I need to be on time, I will be.  

Prep everything you can beforehand.
Sage advice, for sure. Make sure your bag, lunch and any other items are ready to go the night before. Save yourself the last minute scramble of locating your run away belongings. You may also find it helpful to have your breakfast prepped! Check out my post here on the easiest breakfast you’ll ever make.

Set an alarm… or several.
Use your phone or smartwatch to set alarms for yourself and not just a wake-up alarm. Set an alarm for when you have to leave and when it goes off? Leave! I set several alarms for myself to ensure I stay on track. I have an alarm for when I should be finished with my workout so I know it's time to move to the next task when it goes off. I also have an alarm that signals the halfway mark of my routine. When it buzzes I think about where I am in my routine? If I am halfway through, then I know I’m on track. If I’m not, then I know I need to pick up the pace.

The beauty about setting alarms is that they go off without your constant vigilance. Instead of checking the clock every 10 minutes, I trust that my alarm will alert me. Therefore I can spend my time getting ready instead of glancing at the clock.

Prioritize the items in your daily routine.
Create a list of the things you ABSOLUTELY have to accomplish. You have to take the dogs out to go potty, but you don’t have to watch 30 minutes of TV. Plan your time accordingly to ensure you can accomplish every necessary item and if you have time left over, then feel free to spend time on the less important things.

Determine what it is exactly that makes you late.
There is one main reason I’m habitually late: optimism. Let me explain. I am always optimistic about the number of things I can get done before its time to go. Five minutes until I have to leave? Of course, I can squeeze in a load of dishes! Ten minutes later… and I’m late. On top of that, I simply cannot leave a task in the middle and so instead of doing the dishes for five minutes and then leaving, I insist on finishing the task at hand and consequently, I’m late. The solution? Be realistic with yourself about how much time a task will take before you start it. If it will take longer than you have, either leave in the middle of the task, knowing you will have to leave it unfinished or don’t start the task at all. Save it for when you have more time.

A few other helpful tips:
> Use Google Maps or a similar app (Waze is great too) to determine exactly how much time you need to get wherever you’re going. (Remember, your trip time may change based on traffic. If you’re commuting during a traffic-heavy time period, try to run your report around the same time for an accurate time frame.)

> Wake up earlier! Even five minutes can give you an extra advantage in the morning and you won’t even miss out on the sleep.

> Workout in the morning if you can. Morning workouts really get your blood pumping. I find I am less sluggish and breeze quicker through my routine on the days I workout.

> Practice thankfulness. Be thankful you have a job to go to or a school to attend. The simple act of actively appreciating your circumstances can help motivate you to get there sooner (or at least on time)!

What are your go-to tips for arriving on time?

Lots of Love,


Overnight Oats

Breakfast is such an underrated meal. It should be cherished and loved and nurtured. How many times have you just snagged a banana or a granola bar on your way out the door? Or better yet, how many time have you skipped breakfast altogether?

Once I discovered just how important breakfast was, I began to make it a priority. However, I quickly learned that sugary cereal and packets of oatmeal gave me a sugar crash and left me hungry two hours later.  

Overnight oats became my savior. They are so customizable you can flavor them however you’d like. And on the days you’re running super late, your breakfast is literally ready to eat! Depending on your taste preferences and schedule you can spruce up a bowl of ONO with fruit, nuts, nut butter, seeds, milks, yogurts, chocolate, literally anything!

Basic Recipe
To a jar or glass with a top add 1/2 cup rolled oats, 3/4 cup liquid* and 1 teaspoon chia seeds or flax (this is optional). Attach lid, give a quick shake and allow to set in the fridge overnight. In the morning, you can transfer to a bowl and heat in the microwave for two minutes or you can eat them straight from the jar! Customize your oats with your desired toppings and viola!
*If you aren’t going to microwave your oats, reduce the liquid to 1/2 cup.

In each bowl of oats I try to have at least one fruit, nut or seed and extra fiber. Depending on your taste preferences, the fruit may be sweet enough, if not you can add a small amount of sweetener.

-banana, strawberries, cherries, blueberries, peach, apple, dried cranberries or raisins
Make sure to get dried fruit without any added sugar.

Nuts & Seeds
-pecans, almonds, walnuts, cashews, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and various nut butters such a peanut butter or almond butter
Verify your nut butter doesn’t contain any excess oils or sweetener.

-chia seeds or ground flax seeds
Your body process freshly ground flax better than whole flax seeds, so grind up your own flax seeds.

-pure maple syrup, coconut sugar, stevia, brown rice syrup
If you’re accustomed to processed, sugar-y packets of oatmeal, you’ll need A LOT of sweetener to mimic that flavor. Work your way down, slowly cutting back on the amount of sweetener you need until you enjoy your oats without sweetener.

Top Tips
>  If you use chia seeds or flax, make sure you add it to the mixture the night before.
> Use a pint sized mason jar to store your oats overnight.
>  Make a double batch of oats without flavoring or toppings and then you can split up the batch and make two different flavors for two days in a row.
> Reserve the nuts to use a a topping. If you add them the night before, they’ll be soggy.
> Keep in mind, if you add items to the oats that contain a lot of water (like frozen berries) you many need to decrease your liquid.
> If your oats aren’t liquid enough the next day, add a splash of milk before you microwave them.
> Crush your nuts with your hands for soft nuts (pecans & walnuts) or a mallet/rolling pin for harder nuts (almonds)

To a jar add 1/2 cup rolled oats, 3/4 cups almond milk and 1 teaspoon chia seeds. Attach the lid, give it a quick shake and allow to set in the fridge overnight. In the morning, transfer to a bowl and heat in the microwave for two minutes. Top with natural peanut butter and a sliced banana.

Almond Joy
To a jar add 1/2 cup rolled oats, 3/4 cups coconut milk and 1 teaspoon chia seeds. Attach the lid, give it a quick shake and allow to set in the fridge overnight. In the morning, transfer to a bowl and heat in the microwave for two minutes. Stir 1/4 teaspoon almond extract and 1 1/2 tablespoons of cacao powder. Top with unsweetened, dedicated coconut flakes and crushed almonds.

To a jar add 1/2 cup rolled oats, 3/4 cups coconut milk and 1 teaspoon chia seeds. Attach the lid, give it a quick shake and allow to set in the fridge overnight. In the morning, transfer to a bowl and heat in the microwave for two minutes. Stir 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract and 1 teaspoon maple syrup into your oats. Top with crushed pecans, a sliced peach and a drizzle of coconut milk.

I was out of almonds so I used pecans, but it was still good!
To a jar add 1/2 cup rolled oats, 3/4 cups almond milk and 1 teaspoon ground flax. Attach the lid, give it a quick shake and allow to set in the fridge overnight. In the morning, transfer to a bowl and heat in the microwave for two minutes. Stir 1/4 teaspoon almond extract, 1 teaspoon maple syrup, and 1 1/2 tablespoons of cacao powder into your oats. Top with crushed almonds and sliced cherries.

Combos to Try!
Apples and Cinnamon: apple, cinnamon
Cinnamon Roll: Cinnamon, pecans, vanilla protein powder
Pineapple Upside Down Cake: pineapple, sprinkle of coconut sugar
Carrot Cake: grated carrots, nutmeg, cinnamon, raisins and pecans

Experiment with your favorite flavors. Try adding various protein powder flavors, frozen and fresh fruit or even dark chocolate chips. And.... if you're feeling cray, try a savory bowl with veg!

Lots of Love,

10 Things You Should Be Doing Everyday

Often we find ourselves caught up in the rush of everyday life--taking the kids to soccer practice, scrolling through social media, going to work--and we forget to live purposefully. It’s time to become cognizant of the things we do and why we do them. Here are my top ten, vital habits that easily incorporate into any routine. Live a happier, healthier and more productive life that enables you to accomplish your goals and live out your dreams!

Fresh Air & Sunlight
It would be great if we could all take a 23 hour walk each day and bask in the sun and get real tan and become children of the earth. Of course, we totally can’t do that. However, it’s still important to get fresh air and sunlight whenever possible. Open a window while you’re getting ready, enjoy your morning coffee on the porch or take a short stroll on your lunch break.

Even just a 20 minute walk will release endorphins and boost your mood. You’ll feel less tired, happier, sleep better, and your body won’t be as sore and creaky. Wake up half an hour earlier and squeeze in a speedy yoga sesh. Try unwinding after work with a casual walk around the neighborhood with your love. If you're more of a gym bunny that's cool too! (Check out my post here on beating your gym phobia!) It's truly amazing how many positive effects a little bit of physical activity can have on your mind, mood, and body.

“To Do” List Item
You know that “To Do” list you have that’s 56 items long? Well no more! Aim to accomplish one, manageable task each day. The keyword here is manageable. If you have a task that’ll take five hours, but you don’t have five hours, break it into small pieces and do one each day. It is soooo cathartic to check off that thing you've been meaning to do for six months.

A Selfless Act
Be a nice person today and everyday! Hold the door for the person behind you, give your co-worker a compliment, or let someone go in front of you while in traffic or in the grocery store line. Simple acts of kindness take nothing from you, but may mean the world to someone else. My fav act of kindness it to buy the drink of the person behind me in the Starbucks drive thru.

A Selfish Act
What makes you happy? Try to do one thing each day that genuinely puts a smile on your face.Perhaps you need five minutes to scroll through social media. Or maybe you'd like to give yourself a mani. I love bake a cheeky little treat or sit on the couch and veg to Harry Potter and the Scorerer's Stone for the 665th time. Don't feel bad about having a few minutes (or more) to yourself. Remember you need to take care of you before you can take care of anyone else!

Eat Well
Take care of yourself by eating right. Nourish your body and your mind with whole, unprocessed food. Cooking is such a special way to show love and appreciation--even for yourself. Set aside a few minutes every day to whip up something delicious for yourself and the people you love. And make sure to drink water!

I read at least 70 books a year. And yet I work 50+ hours a week, attend school part time, maintain this blog (yay!), care for my family, and manage to see my friends occasionally. You may wonder how I have time to read at all! I have two secret tricks. Listen to audiobooks and read everyday. My commute is around an hour and half each day. During this time I listen to audiobooks in the car. That seven and a half hours a week, which is a whole book! (Check out my post on how to get books for free!) Also I make sure to physically read one chapter each day. I often read in bed to relax my body before sleep, but you could also read in the morning or on your lunch break. Reading is nourishment for the mind and the soul. I truly believe if you don't like to read it's not because your don't enjoy it, but rather because you haven't found the right book! Experiment with various genres and styles maybe autobiographies, graphic novels or travel guides. I'm a sucker for a good cozy mystery and I also love craft, DIY, and cooking books.

A Quick Clean Up
It doesn't matter if your home is filled with luxury goods from Crate and Barrel or second-hand knock offs from the thrift shop. Treat your home and belongings with love and care. Train yourself to put things away when you are done with them. This sounds so simple, but how many of us actually do it?! When you take your shoes off, immediately put them away. If you spill something on the floor, sweep it up. If you learn to keep your area clean, you’ll spend less time cleaning later. Do a quick once-over before bed. Wipe your counters, load the dishes, briefly run the vacuum, and ensure you set yourself up to prosper the next day.

Meditate & Breathe
With our busy lives, it can be hard to find a minute to breathe. Make it a priority to set aside five minutes for meditation. Set a timer and focus on deep breathing until the timer goes off. When your thought stray, gently refocus on your breath. I do this before bed and I feel so much calmer, my body and mind feel quieter and I rest easier.

Practice & Show Gratitude
This is the most important habit you can start. Have an “attitude of gratitude”! Take a minute to reflect on the wonderful things you have in your life. Maybe you are thankful for several things today, or just one thing in particular. Regardless of the current problems you are facing, there is always something you can be find to be grateful for.

Along with this, make sure to appreciate all of the wonderful people in your life. And let them know you love them! You don’t need a huge display of affection, either. Surprise your S.O. with flowers, call your sister, or even just shoot a quick “Thinking of you today. Hope you’re well!” text. I love sending a cute card to my friends or making an extra batch of banana bread for my neighbors. Don’t forget about your furry creatures! They’d love an extra cuddle too.

Add these into your daily routine and eventually, they'll become habitual.
P.S. Don't forget to floss too, children!

Lots of Love,

Easy & Delicious Chipotle at Home

I love Mexican food. New Mexican food, Tex-Mex, really anything remotely in the Mexican food family and I’m yours. The flavors, the aromas, even the spice…. yum!

Originally, I feel in love with the cheese that punctuated every Mexican dish I tried. Cheese enchiladas, quesadillas, Chile rellenos. However, when I become a vegan and significantly cut my cheese intake (I do cheat once in a while, oops!) I discovered that Mexican food could be so much more than a ooey-gooey cheese puddle. In fact, traditional Mexican food doesn’t even contain that much cheese; they use cheese at a garnish rather than the main portion of the meal. As such, Mexican cuisine is very adaptable to a vegan diet. The use of seasonings and spices lend such a complexity to any dish that you won’t even miss the lack of animal products. Therefore, I am always creating new dishes that are vegan but still contain the Mexican flare that I love so much.

Last weekend while we were out running errands, we popped by Chipotle for a quick bite to eat. I ordered the soft tacos with pico de gallo and sautéed veg. While the food was tasty and my belly was happy, I couldn’t help feeling how much better homemade would taste. So naturally, we went to the grocery store and made it the next day.

We make a bunch of items that are great alone or together and combine them at random for a variety of meals throughout the week. The great thing about having a few staple items is that you can combine them endlessly! You could make tacos, burritos, nachos, a burrito bowl, a salad, etc with any or all of the recipes here.  I like to use chickpeas in my burrito bowls, but I’d rather put the black beans in a burrito. Add avocado to your salad but keep it off your nachos. Whatever you like!

1.       Rice
Anyone ever had that delicious Cilantro Lime Rice? You know the one. I love that stuff. And when I learned how to make it at home and how easy it was to make, I knew I would never be deprived. Ok so get your pen and paper out. You better take notes on the ingredient list; it’s pretty long. Ready? Rice. Cilantro. Lime. Yes! THAT’S IT. Literally.

Cook your rice. You can use white rice like the restaurant variety, but I like brown. It’s one cup dry rice to two cups liquid. Usually it’s made with water but veggie broth would be so yum. Be sure to rinse your rice! There are many videos/articles on how to rinse your rice, but I just add it to a mesh strainer and run it under the tap until the water is clear. Add it to your rice cooker (best kitchen gadget I ever bought, only $10, too) or a pot on the stove. I add a little bit (about 1 tablespoon) of oil so the rice doesn’t stick to the bottom. Cook on low/medium heat about 40 minutes, stirring occasionally or according to your rice cooker’s instructions.

Meanwhile, wash and finely chop your cilantro. For two cups of cooked rice (that’s one cup of dry rice) use ¼ cup chopped cilantro. Once your rice is cooked and cooled, add your cilantro and the zest and juice of half a lime. Zest your lime before juicing, it makes life easier. Save the rest of your lime for garnish. Add salt and pepper to taste. Super easy!  

2.       Beans
Pinto, black, garbanzo/chickpeas, whatever kind of bean floats your boat. I like black beans best, especially for Mexican dishes, but the great thing about beans is that they are so versatile. You can use canned beans if you’re in a pinch, but cooking beans from scratch is super easy and way cheap!

In general, if you want two cups of beans, then cook one cup of dry beans; they’ll end up doubling in size once they’re cooked. Rinse your dry beans for a few minutes to ensure they’re clean and then soak them in water for at least a few hours, but preferably overnight. Make sure you add enough water. Again, if I am using one cup of dry beans, I’ll add two and a half cups of water. Transfer the water and beans to a pot with a lid and cook on low/ medium heat for about four hours. Stir occasionally and add water if necessary. If you’re beans are too soupy, take the lid off and let the steam evaporate. Your beans will be done when they reach your desired firmness. I like my beans to be a bit firmer, but if you like soft beans or plan on mashing them, cook a bit longer.

 I like to make a large batch at the beginning of the week that I can use in various ways throughout the week. Because I cook a large batch ahead of time, I do not season my beans while cooking. I may want to make burrito bowls AND brownies with my black beans. If I add seasoning—even salt—to the beans while they cook, it will contaminate them for future uses. If you know that you’ll only be using the beans for one specific meal, you can certainly season them! Try garlic powder, salt and pepper. You could also add Chulula or sliced jalapeno. YUM.

A note about beans: If you have slow cooker, add them to your cooker’s pot before you leave for work along with the specified amount of water and cook. They will take about 8-9 hours to cook on low and 4 hours on high, depending on the type of bean. If I know I will not be home to monitor my beans, I will add excess water so they don’t dry out. Bigger beans=more water.

Another note on beans: The reason we soak them overnight and cook them low and slow is to break down the bean and therefore make them easier to digest. Ever heard that saying about how beans make you toot? Well cook them slow and they won’t!

3.       Veggies
This is my favorite part. It’s not even funny how much I daydream about a big ol’ serving of sautéed peppers and onions. I don’t know what sorcery occurs, but for some reason a plan bell pepper can turn into a delicious morsel with just a few minutes sizzling in a pan. Add a sliced onion and—here’s the game changer—some sliced poblanos to the pan, let it sizzle for a few minutes and BAM! Deliciousness ensues.

I used three poblanos, two medium yellow onions, and a yellow, orange, and red bell pepper. Turn the burner on and add a teaspoon of high heat oil, once the oil is shiny and moves easily about the pan (indicating its warmed up) add your delicious veggie mix. I like to add my favorite taco mix and some salt to the batch and give it a good stir. Ensure everything is evenly coated in your oil and spread it out evenly in your pan. Use a large flat-bottomed pan for this. Don’t crowd your veggies. Now the trick is to leave it alone! Let your peppers and onions sit undisturbed for a few minutes. This will ensure your veggies get browned on the bottom. Stir and repeat until your veggies are tender but not mushy.

Once I had my peppers and onions cooked up nicely, I put them in separate bowl and used the same, dirty pan to sautéed up a few mushrooms. I sliced the mushrooms vertically into slices and added them to some hot oil, already in the pan. After stirring occasionally and a few loooong minutes they were a deeper shade of brown and thoroughly cooked.

4.       Toppings
Variety is the spice of life y’all. Have a few options to choose from and you’ll never get bored. Avocado is a staple. But you can also have a few less common items. We like to add chopped spinach or mixed baby greens to our burrito bowls. It’s a great way to add another serving of veggies and some extra vitamins to your food. You could also try tomatoes, zested carrots, pepitas (yum) or some chopped jalapeno if you like things on the spicy side.

5.       Garnish
I am a sucker for fresh cilantro. I always add this to my Mexican dishes. I even have pot growing on my patio so that I am never without my beloved herb. You could also try parsley or chopped green onion. Try a quick corn salsa or some pico-de-gallo! And make sure to add a squeeze of lime. Fresh lime is the difference between an ‘ok’ meal and an ‘out-of-this-world’ meal.

6.       Spicy Bits 
Of course, this is optional, but it can elevate your meal. I am a big whimp and can’t handle anything overly spicy, but I do add a few squirts of Chulula. It adds a nice zing and boosts your metabolism. You could also add spicy salsa. Check out the MOST delicious and easiest authentic Mexican Salsa here.

If you eat meat, you could easily add an animal protein to the mix, like grilled chicken and use sour cream or cheese. Alex likes to cook a batch of nachos in the stove with his cast iron skillet. If you don’t eat cheese you could try a non-dairy cheese (I like the So Delicious Dairy Free Shreds). Or you could just forgo the cheese altogether. These fixin’s are soo good, you won’t even miss it!

Okay…I’m off to go eat another taco. No, YOU’RE the one who already ate four.

Feel free to leave a comment it you have any questions, tips, or ideas!


Lots of Love,