You’ve Been Neglecting your Library


The public library is one of the most underused tools in your community. They offer so much more than just chapter books. Your tax dollars fund the library, so why not check it out? You’re already paying for it!

This is a real shocker, but the library has a ton of books. Cookbooks, craft books, how to guides, travel guides and so much more. Pretty much everything you like to do, you can find a book at the library!

Both new releases and old favorites can be checked out from the library. They also have a ton of television seasons from a variety of channels. I’ve borrowed the entire Game of Thrones series, Sex and the City and even cartoons. This is awesome for binge watching nights!

Download this app on your phone and connect it to your library card. You can check out audiobooks, e-books, music, and movies. I like to borrow audiobooks and listen to them while I clean or workout. This app is a virtual library card! Check out whatever you’d like (up to 5 a month) and it will automatically disappear once your rental period is over.

Classes and Workshops
From knitting classes to Movie Nights, your local library hosts a variety of events. Most of these are either free or cheap. It’s a great way to meet new people or even an awesome date night idea. Alex and I are going to a healthy cooking class this Thursday!

Culture Pass
With your library card, you get access to the culture pass. You can reserve a pass online for almost any local, educational attraction. You are allowed two passes in a thirty-day period per library card. These are good for museums, tours, historical buildings and so many other fun things. We went to the Museum of Nature and Science for free, instead of paying $30 for tickets.

A Librarian
Need help studying or learning a new skill, you can “check out a librarian”! They are extremely knowledgeable and full of tips and tricks.

Library Tools
Don’t have a computer at home? They have a ton of computers that can be “checked out” and used for any project. (Pro tip: Since these are public, don’t enter any confidential passwords or visit any secure sites such as a bank account.) For a small fee, you can use the printer and copier at the library. At my library, it’s only a nickel to make a copy.

Community Happenings
Most libraries have a community board full of local events. Check out concerts, fairs, festivals and other activities happening in your area.

Signing up for a library card is absolutely free. You can create an online account to put materials on hold and get on the waiting list for newly released books or movies. Even my boyfriend, who hates reading, loves the library so much, we go every week!

Lots of Love,