Exquisite "Sheepskin" Rug

*cute dog not included

If you're like me, you love those plush, cozy rugs popping up everywhere. However, when you're at the store ready to purchase said rug and see a price tag of $199.99 you realize your desire of soft heaven is simply not worth it. Well, I have the best of both worlds. A DIY! With this tutorial, you can create one for around $20!

1. You will need:
tape measure
length of artificial sheepskin fabric

You need to measure the approximate space you'd like the rug to cover. Keep in mind, these are designed to be accent rugs. You can make a bigger rug, however most stores sell fabric in yards. As such your rug will only be 3ft wide unless you sew/glue several together. 

Take a trip to the fabric store to buy the "sheepskin" fabric. I bought 4ft by 4ft and it made two accent rugs. Before you pay, make sure you find a coupon! Never pay full price for fabric, I got 40% off. 

2. Once you have your fabric, using the marker draw a VERY LIGHT circular shape. Its ok if your circle is more blob shaped; it makes the rug look real.

3. Cut your rug! The rug will shed, this is normal. I ran the hose end of my vacuum along the outer edge to get rid of the loose hairs. 

Accessorize your rug as you see fit! Depending on the fabric you use, your rug MAY BE machine washable on a gentle cycle. However, the rug will shed so don't wash it too often.

 Enjoy the lux life y'all. 

Lots of Love,