REAL Mexican Salsa

I am obsessed with Mexican food. Probably about 80% of the restaurants we go to serve Mexican food. At least 80% of the food we eat at home is Mexican food. Seriously. It's the beeeest. (Name that movie)

The best part of going out is the homemade salsa that comes fresh (and free) to your table. In the world of salsa, supermarket jarred salsa is literally like the McDonald's of the hamburger world--not worth the $5 you spend. Once you make this recipe for homemade salsa, you will NEVER buy the pre-made kind again.

Somehow, I fell in love with a guy from New Mexico. By some stroke of luck, his mom makes the best food you'll ever eat. One fateful day she made some homemade salsa for us which--of course--I devoured and just HAD to have her recipe.

Over time I have tweaked things just a tad..mainly because I'm a big baby and can't handle anything spicy. So here is my perfected homemade salsa recipe!

Don't worry about chopping anything, you can add it whole to the blender.

1 lime
1/2 medium peeled onion
2-3 cloves peeled garlic
1 jalapeno, slice off the stem
1/4 cup cilantro, stems included
2 8oz canned tomatoes*
1 teaspoon salt

*I use one can of regular tomatoes and one can of fire roasted.

Drain the tomatoes as thoroughly as possible, setting aside the juice. Dump ONE can of tomatoes, juice the lime, and add everything to a blender. Pulse on high until everything is very finely chopped. Then add the remaining can of tomatoes and blitz VERY BRIEFLY. Add more salt to taste.

Don't over blend the salse or you will end up with a very water product. This is also why you should drain the tomatoes. Tomatoes are FULL of water, so I find by pouring out the juice from canned tomatoes it is much easier to control the water content than if using fresh.

Feel free to use more or less jalapeno. Each pepper's level of capsaicin can vary drastically, so always taste before serving and adjust to preference. The great thing about this recipe is that it can be tweaked to suit your personal tastes, whatever they may be!

Variations: Try adding roasted peppers or corn. This is also good with pineapple and mango for a sweeter salsa. Experiment with different textures too. Do you like chunky or smooth salsa?

This salsa is such a great afternoon snack with corn chips or even vegetables.

I hope you like it!

Lots of Love,