It's a bit hard for me to get behind the idea of steadfast New Year's Resolutions. Often times it's setting yourself up for failure. If you eat that hamburger, you've just broken your rule of eating healthy. You cussed at the driver in front of you and thrown that resolution out the window along with a few choice swear words. On the other hand, there are those who refuse to make any changes whatsoever. But New Year doesn't necessarily mean new you. It just offers an opportunity to be a better you. I'd rather set goals. Things that I want to do, be, see. Perhaps some are easily checked off the list. Others may have more intrinsic rewards. But all of them work to do one thing: create a better me. 

20 16 Goals

  • volunteer at a soup kitchen, at Planned Parenthood
  • go to the zoo, the museum, the aquarium
  • send birthday cards to loved ones
  • find a job I adore
  • be thankful
  • get an apartment with a wicked kitchen
  • go on more walks and enjoy the sunshine
  • bake, cook, eat
  • relax and paint my nails
  • concerts, festivals, parades
  • travel 
  • ride a roller coaster
  • take my boyfriend go-kart racing
  • call my mom
  • rinse the dishes out
  • fix my hair, put on makeup, wear nice clothes
  • be a shoulder to cry on
  • tickle my boyfriend and run away when he returns the favor
  • laugh with my friends 
  • visit my dad
  • drink more pink moscato
  • be positive
  • check the mail
  • love nature
  • vacuum the house
  • stay strong
  • see the mermaids swim
  • accept weaknesses
  • organize myself
  • Love wholly and completely 
  • accept that I deserve the best

Lots of Love,

New Year's Day (OOTD)

Happy New Year!

I put together a special outfit to celebrate the dawn of 2016. I love clothes that can be mixed up and switched around. There is nothing better than layering colors and textures to create an outfit that fits you in that exact moment.


Fashion rules I broke with this outfit:

  1. texture mix up
  • chunky sweater, ribbed top, smooth leggings =texture confusion
     2.  patterned leggings
  • thunder thighs only look good in solid black leggings
     3.  cuffing pants
  • cuffing pants cuts up your figure and makes you look shorter
     4. Peplum
  • don't wear a peplum if you have big hips...oops
Well here's what I have to say to the "experts" that attempt to dictate what I should wear... It's my body, I'll wear what I like, when I'd like, and I'll love it.  

Be the boss of your wardrobe this year. Do what you want and you'll love what you do. 

Lots of Love, 
Sarcasm and Sparkles